All of your questions in life, answered right here! No, really just all of your questions about my books are answered right here. I really can’t help you with life questions.

Why is the Warrior Chronicles series only on Kindle?

The WC series is available in Kindle Unlimited (KU), and to do that it has to be a Kindle exclusive. The good news is that if you are a KU subscriber, you can read the entire WC series for free (with your subscription).

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Kindle Unlimited isn’t available where I live. What do I do now?

The entire series is also available for purchase from the regular Kindle/Amazon store.

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But I don’t have a Kindle!

The folks at Amazon like to make sure everyone, everywhere, can read Kindle books, so they offer free apps for just about every device. You just have to download the Kindle app to your smartphone, tablet, or even your computer, and you can start reading Kindle books. All of their apps synchronize the books, so if you have the app on your tablet and phone, and you start reading on one device, you can switch to the other device without losing your place. It is quite reader-friendly.

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What about the Darkness series. Are there more books coming out?

No, that series is finished. Charles was the last full book. I wrote a holiday special for Jameson, but now the series is well and truly finished. 

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The Darkness box set only includes the first four books. Are you making a box set for the other four books, too?

No, all the rest of the books are available individually.

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Are you making more audiobooks for the Darkness Series?

I doubt it. There wasn’t a lot of interest in the audiobooks.

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Are you making audiobooks for the Warrior Chronicles?

Podium Publishing is has produced the first five books so far, which are now available. Overtaken, the final installment, is due out June 20, 2017.

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Is the Warrior Chronicles Series Finished?

Yes, it is. It is a six book series, and is complete. 

For a bonus epilogue to the Warrior Chronicles series, click here. For the prequel, Forged in Blood, click here

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